Jan 15, 2011

3 Click Car Hire - Rent a Car Services in Budapest Airport (BUD) Hungary

Budapest Airport Information
Budapest Ferihegy International Airport is the international airport serving the Hungarian capital city of Budapest, and the largest of the country's five international airports. The airport offers international connections primarily within Europe, but also to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.
Budapest Ferihegy International Airport is located 16 kilometers (10 miles) east-southeast of the centre of Budapest, accessible by the Ulloi road. The airport is named after master brewer Ferenc (Feri) Mayerffy, the former owner of the land upon which the facility is located.
Ferihegy airport has three main terminals: 1, 2A and 2B, and a smaller one for general aviation flights. A new air cargo base is to be built. Transfer between terminals 2A and 2B can be made on foot. The older Terminal 1, however, is further away and must be reached by bus.

Terminal 1
From 1 September 2005 Terminal 1 serves all low-cost carriers. The terminal was totally renovated in full compliance with the requirements of monument protection, since the building is one of the finest examples of architectural modernism in Hungary as well as in Europe. The Terminal 1 building is unusual in that it resembles the shape of an aircraft viewed from above.
This terminal is divided by a glass wall into Schengen and Non-Schengen destinations.

Terminal 2A
Terminal 2A from 30 March 2008 serves all Schengen destinations.

Terminal 2B
Although connected to Terminal 2A, it is referred to as a separate terminal (opened in December 1998). It serves all non-Schengen destinations.

Airport car parks
Three car parks, all of which are open 24 hours a day, service the terminals. For very short stay parking (1 hour maximum), the car park nearest the terminal buildings charges €0.50 every 15 minutes. Short- and medium-term parking is offered in an unguarded car park. Here parking is free for the first 20 minutes, then €1.20 per hour for the first 4 hours, and €0.60 per hour after that. A guarded, long-term car park has fees of €14.40 per day and €77 per week, with somewhat lower rates for longer stays.

Car hire
If you are using Budapest Airport either as a holidaymaker or a business passenger, you may use our car rental services and pick up your car right at the airport. 3Click Car Hire operates pick up points located within the airport. We maintain a large hire fleet and help you find the best quote for your destination. Car hire customers are guaranteed a wide range of models and types of cars presented in excellent condition because we only deal with leading car rental companies in Budapest.

Practical information
All Hungary’s motorways and most of her main roads radiate out from the capital. The M1, M3, M5 and M7 are toll motorways, and you must pay the appropriate toll (either at the border or at larger petrol stations) and display the windscreen sticker before joining the road. Road signs conform to continental standards. The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory in both the front and back seats, and only handless mobile telephones may be used whilst vehicles are in motion. Speed limits are 50 km/hour (31 mph) in built-up areas and 90 km/hour (56 mph) elsewhere, except on dual carriageways (110 km/hour, 68 mph) and motorways (130 km/hour, 80 mph). The horn can only be used in built-up areas in an emergency.

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