Apr 16, 2011

3 Click Car Hire - Rent a Car Services in Vitulazio- Capua Italy

Travel to Italy and you'll never be the same. The famous boot-shaped country has something for everyone. There is so much to see in Italy that it is difficult to know where to begin.

A visit to Rome will allow you to discover the many different historical layers which have built this beautiful city through the centuries. When in Rome don't miss the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Aqueducts.

St Peter's and the Vatican Museum in Vatican are also a must see.

Venice is without doubt one of the most beautiful and popular cities in the world, and is always admired by the many tourists that visit throughout the year.

One of the most popular areas in Italy is Tuscany with its beautiful landscape and picturesque towns and villages including Florence, Lucca, Siena and Cortona. Start with a visit to Piazza Michelangelo in Florence and explore the many museums, both inside and outside Florence.

In Taormina, Sicily check out the Roman theatre, with excellent views of Etna on a clear day. South of Naples, you find Pompeii and Herculaneum, covered in lava.

You can ski in the Alps, hike the Dolomites or dive off Sardinia’s golden coast.

Wherever you wish to go, drive in comfort with your car rental from 3Click Car Hire Vitulazio Capua.

We work with the leading car rental providers in Italy such as Alamo, Avis, Budget, EasyCar, EuropCar, Hertz, Sixt, NationalCar and it allows us to offer you competitive prices and wide range of vehicles to choose from – from economy compact cars to luxury vehicles or minivans. Just choose the car you want and the dates and times when you want it and we’ll give you an instant quote.

With your car hire Vitulazio Capua vehicle you can reserve GPS to help you find your way around or book a child seat if you are travelling with kids.

Useful Tips

Car Hire Italy Requirements

You must have an international driving license and valid insurance coverage.

Most of the highways (autostrade) are toll roads. Don't lose your entrance ticket, for if you do, you will be charged for the longest distance. Toll stations accept major credit cards but it is advisable to bring cash as some machines, especially in the South, frequently aren't able to process credit cards.

Avoid using the blue roads for long distances as blue roads often oblige you to drive through several cities and villages. Although autostrades may be expensive, they significantly decrease the time it takes to travel from one place to another.

The Italian Highways Association Web site shows major highway routes between all points in Italy. It even shows you how to calculate your own tolls.

All passengers are required to wear their seat belt and children under 10 must use the back seat.

Speed limits:
- 130 km/h on highways (autostrade) (110 km/h in case of rain);
- 110 km/h on freeways (superstrade);
- 90 km/h on single-lane roads;
- 50 km/h inside cities.

Italian laws allow a 5% (minumum 5 km/h) tolerance on local speed limit. Fines are generally very expensive.

All vehicles are required to keep their low-beam lights on at all times on motorways and four-lane highways.

Parking is permitted on the right-hand side of the road everywhere outside cities and towns except on highways (autostrade), at crossroads and on curves and hills not allowing full visibility.

In many Italian cities there are restricted areas (ZTLs) where vehicles are not permitted except for limited reasons between certain hours. The entrance to a ZTL is marked by signs and cameras.

In Florence in all other districts parking is chargeable on the blue parking places during the day and free of charge form 8 pm to 8 am.

The Old town of Rome is accessible by car - without authorization - only after 6 pm. Outside the city centre are many parking garages for a fee.

In Siena you will find parking places around the Old Town. The blue parking places are chargeable from 8 am to 8 pm, after that free of charge. The white parking places are partly free of charge (please consider the information signs).

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