Jan 15, 2011

3 Click Car Hire - Rent a Car Services in Malaga Airport (AGP) Spain

Malaga Airport Information
Malaga Airport is located 8 km from the city centre with excellent communication links to over 60 countries worldwide. Malaga Airport is the international airport of Andalucia accounting for 85 percent of its international traffic and is the only one offering a wide variety of international destinations. The airport, connected to the Costa Del Sol, has a daily link with twenty cities in Spain and over one hundred cities in Europe. Direct flights also operate to Africa, the Middle East and North America.
In 2009 Malaga was the 33rd busiest airport in Europe. In 2009, it handled 11,622,443 passengers, 103,536 flight operations and 3,400 tonnes of cargo.
The airport currently operates with three terminals. They are all adjacent to each other. There is also a General Aviation Terminal and a Cargo Terminal. The Terminals have 164 check-in desks altogether and have 48 boarding gates altogether of which 26 have airbridges. Although certain airlines check-in at certain terminals, all flights leave from Terminal 3.

Terminal 1
Terminal 1 (styled as T1) used to be used for flights to non-Schengen destinations, along with flights to Ceuta and Mellila. On 16 March 2010, flights to non-Schengen destinations moved to Pier C in Terminal 3 and flights to Ceuta and Mellila moved to Pier D, leaving Terminal 1 operating no flights whatsoever. However you can still access Terminal 1 from the Terminal 2 check-in hall, but there is barely anything there, as all the shops are closed.

Terminal 2
Terminal 2 (styled as T2) was opened in November 1991, known as the Pablo Ruiz Picasso terminal. This building was designed by architect Ricardo Bofill, and was built to be operated in combination with the pre-existing passenger terminal. It has three floors and a basement, the second floor is for departures and the ground floor is for arrivals. The first floor is used for the lower level for Pier B, and for alleyways leading to arrivals. The basement is for the Rent-A-Car pickup desks. To complete the terminal, a building was built for car parking and Rent-A-Car, which were built right next to the entrance of the Departures and Arrivals lounges.
Development work was completed on the Terminal in 2008. The original structure leading to Pier C in departures was demolished and relocated, to allow building work for Terminal 3. However, it has now closed and Pier C is now accessed from the new Terminal building.

When the new terminal opened, Terminal 2 completely changed. The arrivals waiting area was closed to allow passengers to trnsfer themselves between terminals. Most of the alleyway was closed off (including the area with the places on the wall) and a new part was created instead,of which it now has a brand new passport control and a new set of escalators.

Terminal 3
Terminal 3 (styled as T3) is a brand new Terminal at Malaga Airport. Plans for construction started in 2001 and construction started in 2004. It was expected to open in 2008 but it was delayed and was opened on 15 March 2010, and flight operations from the terminal started the following day.
The terminal was built to increase tourism around the Costa Del Sol, and to expand the airport due to increasing number of passengers. It is adjacent to Terminal 2 and it has an area of 250,000m?, which is more than double the size of Terminal 2. It has 86 check in counters, numbered 301 to 386, 20 new boarding gates, twelve of which will have airbridges and 12 baggage reclaim carousels, nine European Union, two non-European Union and one special baggage reclaim carousel.
It consists of three piers: Pier B (with 13 gates, 7 with airbridges), Pier C (with 10 gates, 7 with airbridges) and Pier D (with 20 gates, 12 with airbridges). Pier B is used for non-European traffic, Pier C is used by non-Schengen Traffic and Pier D is used for Schengen Traffic. Flights to the UK and Ireland use both Pier B and Pier C, of which these piers used to be in Terminal 2.

General Aviation Terminal
The General Aviation Terminal at Malaga Airport (also known as the Private Aviation Terminal) is located next to the N-340 motorway, and right close by to Runway 31. The Terminal is used for private jets.

Cargo Terminal
The Cargo terminal was opened in 1996 and has 16 docking bays for road transports veichles. It has an area of 5,700 m2 and contains four cold storage rooms, a vault for valuable merchandise, and an area for hazardous and radioactive materials.

Driving Directions
Access to the airport from Malaga is made by the A7 road towards Algeciras. Take exit 235 towards Torremolinos to connect with the MA-21 and access the airport.
From the towns on the Costa del Sol, you have to go along the A7 towards Malaga and take exit 229 towards San Julian. From this exit you can connect with the MA-21, the road leading to the airport.

Car Parking
Car parks are available outside both terminals; both offer short-term parking. Both covered and outdoor parking is available in the car park outside Terminal 2, whilst long-term parking (more than four days) is available in the Terminal 1 car park.

Car Hire
If you are using Malaga Airport either as a holidaymaker or a business passenger, you may use our car rental services and pick up your car right at the airport. 3Click Car Hire operates pick up points located within the airport. We maintain a large hire fleet and help you find the best quote for your destination. Car hire customers are guaranteed a wide range of models and types of cars presented in excellent condition because we only deal with leading car rental companies in Malaga.

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